Why cottongrass consulting?

Building a successful full time career, building loving relationships with family and friends while pursuing a lifelong purpose. As a serial entrepreneur, daughter, mentor, wife and friend, we fully appreciate the challenges imposed by societal expectations for young female adults.



We yearn for a community that is aimed to build connection and spread love and compassion, regardless of income and beliefs. A space where we can just BE, removing the layers of image and just be SEEN. Our workshops and activities help connect deeply with our spirits, values and beliefs, where we practise the art of being present. Our clients develop stronger resilience, higher self-confidence and higher satisfaction in relationships via vulnerability, self-acknowledgment, authenticity and courage.

The Cottongrass Co Way

  •  Intimate, fun and safe space 
  • Research-based, curriculum vetted by positive psychology experts
  • Easy to remember frameworks
  • Experiential activity based for applied learning
  • No status, no background - Be YOU
  • No expert panel / lectures - You are your own expert
  • Appreciating different perspectives, practise openness and presence
  • Seek peer support via #RAW COmmunity (Relating Authentic Women) or 1:1 Cottongrass CO services


I had a coaching session with Elle when I transitioned from my corporate job to start my own business in March 2019. She helped me explore the limiting beliefs that were holding me back and skilfully guided me to investigate such thoughts. I was then able to gain more clarity and come up with concrete plans to work towards my goal. She is patient, humble and showed genuine trust in my ability to lead myself which was empowering. I am grateful for both her skills and her being. 


Lew TJ, Regional Marketing Manager turned Wellness Business Owner

Since knowing Elle as a life coach, there were a lot of eye-openers that I wouldn't have even thought of if not for her. 


My life perspective has vastly changed thanks to Elle. Her endless moral support, ever-attentive listening ear and priceless words of encouragement  has never failed to inspire me in trying to accomplish my life goal and mission, especially running my own hawker business.


Fahmi R, Founder of Fifty50 Empire