Gratitude · 04. August 2020
August New Moon draws reflection in order to let go and following deeper towards my inner truth
Awakening Dreams Podcast · 04. July 2020
What does Awakening Dreams mean to you?
Courage · 22. June 2020
I never really knew my father. I choose to forgive than to be right, during Father's Day.
Courage · 18. May 2020
"Now the hair is gone, and when I look in the mirror, it's the most #raw version of myself." This post shares about the author's experience of taking control and redefining femininity.
Resilience · 01. May 2020
Have you found yourself waking up wanting to do nothing but curl into a ball? Author shares on tips to find your inner strength to go on.
Mindfulness · 24. March 2020
Have you felt torn due to the many voices in your head? How do you choose which voice to listen to?
Resilience · 29. February 2020
I recently learned about my grandmother's story during her funeral. What did my grandma go through as a young woman? And how was her relationship with my mom, that shaped my mom for who she is, as a mother to us?
Courage · 10. January 2020
What is your word for 2019?
Vulnerability · 10. January 2020
Why is Vulnerability a key component of Authenticity? Read the author's realization as she processes her grief after losing her grandmother.
Vulnerability · 20. November 2019
Were there times when you felt needy and weak, and hope someone could give you a hug or take some of the burden/responsibilities away? Therefore you took your chance and decided to be vulnerable. You asked for help, or reached out for affection. Congratulations! That took massive amount of courage! How did it feel? What I want to talk about is, what's next? Many of us thought that by mustering the courage to reach out, our loved ones would swoop us in their arms and whisper sweet things until...

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