RAW movement

We yearn for a community that is aimed to build connection and spread love and compassion, regardless of income and beliefs. A space where we can just BE, removing the layers of image and just be SEEN. Our workshops and activities help connect deeply with our spirits, values and beliefs, where we practise the art of being present. 


What to expect




Authentic relating games

Interactive Workshops

Group Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Authentic Relating Circles

Empathetic Circling in Singapore - A safe space for revealing your true self. Practises being present, embodiment and heart based listening. Welcoming every emotions. 

Games moderated by Authentic Relating trained facilitators.

Resilience and Purpose Finding Workshops


Introduction of tools that help in discovering your life purpose, strengths and dreams based on NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) principles.

Authentic sharing about dreams, goals and reflect on past achievements and setbacks.


Practise self-affirmation is not bragging, honoring the inner child and Awakening Dreams.

Community Listening Sessions


10 min listening sessions under SideWalk Talk Singapore, a non-profit run by 100% volunteers.


Since Feb 2020, we have conducted more than 100 free listening sessions. Each listening session is 15 min by our trained volunteers who are heart-based listeners, with one mission: to connect with anyone who wants to be heard.

For more about SideWalk Talk, click here




Public Speaking 



Elle has also been invited to podcast / webinars to talk about topics on authenticity and connection. 


Please reach out to us for public speaking opportunities, hosting of RAW events or Free listening sessions.


We will work together with your team to curate the theme and content, matched with our tried and tested methodology and processes.