Sigmund Freud describes the mind to have 2 levels - The conscious that is just enough to keep us function critically with full awareness (20%)  and the unconscious mind that is on auto-pilot (80%).Our feelings, motives and decisions are actually powerfully influenced by our past experiences, and stored in the unconscious.


our brand story

Cottongrass is found in Arctic where it is able to survive when other trees fail to flourish. 


Inspired by its adaptability and resilience in such an harsh environment, we decided to use this as the brand name for our business coaching and strategic marketing consultancy. We also offer 1:1 life coaching and conduct authentic relating group events. 


Brand Vision: To spread the authentic relating movement in Southeast Asia, creating more female leaders who are vulnerable and courageous, and build a community who are interested to change the world by spreading kindness and compassion.


Brand Mission: To change mindsets that vulnerability is courage, that self-worth is not tied to results regardless of gender or socioeconomic class, and be connected to self and the community.


Target audience

For females who have a sense of adventure, and would like to have more fulfilling relationships with self and others, bringing her fulfillment / career / business to the next level.



Why Cottongrass Consulting?

Cottongrass Consulting uses tried and tested yet fun methodology and tools to inspire clarity and courage, so you will take nimble yet persistent action towards your purpose and goals.


 We offer a holistic view on what is stopping you in reaching greater heights - from offering strategic planning perspective all the way to an individual behaviorial/mindset perspective.